Ohtani Shohei is a rising superstar who conquered Japanese baseball and is dominating the Major Leagues. He has an impressive presence in the MLB. 

Ohtani was born on July 5, 1994, in Japan. His father was a former baseball player, and his mother used to play badminton. His elder brother is working as a coach and player in a social baseball team. Ohtani's sister was a volleyball player too.

They all like playing sports, and it seems they were born with a natural talent.

Ohtani's father used to play catch with him a lot when he was little, and that's how he got interested in baseball. 

His father didn't want him to become a professional baseball player. He just wanted Ohtani to enjoy playing baseball and have fun, not focus on being good.

His father said, "You can learn fancy skills in high school. Right now, in Little League, just have fun and enjoy what you do."

Ohtani had a happy family, and his parents didn't pressure him to train too hard. Because of that, he learned early on to enjoy playing baseball and have fun while doing it.

Ohtani began playing baseball while he was in elementary school.

He showed amazing skill in the fifth grade, recording a fastball speed of 110 km/h (around 68 mph). During his 2nd year of high school, Ohtani recorded a top speed of 151 km/h (approximately 94 mph).

In his 3rd year, he made amateur baseball history in Japan by throwing at the highest speed ever recorded, 160 km/h (about 99 mph). Throughout the high school year, Ohtani hit 56 home runs and maintained a batting average of over .400. Most scouts recognized him as a top hitter in high school.

Moreover, Ohtani's exceptional physique, balance, form, and baseball sense earned him nearly perfect scores from professional baseball scouts.Even just looking at his school days, it's evident that Ohtani possessed tremendous talent.

After graduating high school, Ohtani plans to challenge the MLB directly without going through the NPB. However, the persistent persuasion from the Nippon Ham Fighters led him to choose the NPB instead. 

This decision became a significant turning point in Ohtani's life, leading to great achievements and attention.

Ohtani was a major star in Japan's baseball league. He is the first player in Japanese baseball history to be a successful pitcher and a hitter at the same time. 

With his powerful pitching and impressive hitting, he showed the magic of baseball that people love.

In 2016, he played a vital role as a pitcher and a hitter, leading the Nippon Ham Fighters to win the championship.

Ohtani utilized the Lotus Blossom Technique to set his goals during his school days.

He demonstrated diligence by carefully preparing and implementing his plan to make it to the Major Leagues.

Ohtani's success comes from not only his natural talent but also his hard work.

His life plan, which has made during high school, is filled with specific and clear goals: 

▶ Conquer English at age 19. 

▶ Make it to the Major Leagues at age 20.

▶ Win the Cy Young Award at age 22. 

▶ Win the World Series at age 26. 

▶ Become the league MVP at age 27, and so on.

While he hasn't achieved many of these goals, he keeps going to dreams without giving up.

Ohtani is a player who unfolded his dreams through clear goal-setting and self-management. He also became an icon of youth and challenges, gaining immense popularity.

When Ohtani entered the Major League, 27 teams competed to sign him. He chose to join the LA Angels and began his MLB career with them.

He was selected the American League Rookie of the Year in 2018, proving his potential and value in the Major League.

However, in 2019, he had shoulder surgery and did not perform. Ohtani's amazing return began in the 2021 season, showing his best form.

As a pitcher, he pitched 130 innings and got 156 strikeouts. As a batter, he hit 46 home runs, 138 hits, and 100 RBIs, which is incredible!

He has developed into one of the league's best players, known for his talent and popularity, since 2021.

He's not simply famous; he is one of the most talented and charming stars.

He was also the only player in MLB history to be selected as a pitcher and a batter in the MLB All-Star Game.

During the All-Star Game, he did something no one had ever done. He started as the pitcher and batted as the designated hitter, making it a historic moment.

In the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic), Ohtani showed a remarkable performance, leading Japan to win. He sparked worldwide interest in baseball and played an important impact. If he has a successful 2023 season, he will become an icon in world baseball.

Many experts predict that a contract worth up to 600 million dollars will be signed, the biggest in North American sports history.

It's not easy to do well in both pitching and hitting to get such amazing results. Ohtani has said that his biggest dream is to be part of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

As he keeps doing incredible things in the Major Leagues, we need to see if he becomes a legendary figure, creating his impressive story.