"Leenalchi" is an alternative pop band consisting of four pansori singers, two bass players, and a drummer. The meeting between pansori and pop on this day, that is, the combination of pansori, bass, and drum is unique.

The song’s titled ‘범 내려온다’ by Leenalchi. It’s about tigers in the Korean folklores coming to town. It’s a mix between alternate pop and Korean traditional singing style: Pansori. 

While maximizing the charm and essence of traditional pansori, instrumentalists constantly seek appropriate and fresh points by playing in their own languages rather than unilaterally matching the sound.

We're looking for an unfamiliar but interesting direction."

In this day's voice, no one could do it, However, it contains the exquisite and beautiful world of Korean traditional music and pop that someone had to do.

Master singer Leenalchi summoned to 21st century Joseon

"It's pop, but it's not like pop. 

Many interpret it as an alternative pop, but it's not a grand alternative, but we want to survive in the pop market with what we're good at." 

Did their desire to survive in the pop market with Korean traditional music that they are good at work? The cumulative number of views of the Korea Tourism Organization's promotional video "Feel the Rhythm of Korea," which starred Leenalchi and Ambigious Dance Company, exceeded 500 million views.

Hot reactions continued around the world. The enthusiastic public responded to Leenalchi's music by nicknamed him "Joseon's Idol."

"LEENALCHI had a musical direction to create danceable music."

Music that makes your shoulders flutter when you listen to it. Maybe it's their intention to make your shoulders flutter just by listening to the instrument.

Leenalchi is making music that both listeners and singers can dance to.